Barbunya Pilaki

Red beans onions, carrots, potato, sunflower, oil, garlic spices,tomato sauce & salt


Diced cucumber yogurt & pinch of garlic


Stuffed wine leaves with rise onions mint dill parsley pine nuts olive oil & bird grapes

Ezme Salata

Finely chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers and parsley with spices


Chickpeas, seasoned, sesame seeds with garlic


Spinach with fresh yogurt served with garlic

Karisik Meze

Mixed meze's including hummus, tarama, cacik, dolma, pilaki, patlican ezme salata & havuk tarator

Patlican Salatasi

Grilled aubergine pureed & mixed lemon & olive oil

Shawarma Kebab

Slices of 100% pure lamb steak (Turkish doner), served with rice & salad


Cod roe with vegetable oil & lemon juice